Thursday, June 7, 2012

Child directed art

The thing about child directed art is that it surprises you in many ways. The day after we returned from India, I was making minestrone soup and Anjali was helping me to peel garlic for the pesto. As she peeled the garlic, she put the eatable on one side and the skin on another. Feeling the skin she said

"Now we can make a garlic skin collage"

I was a little surprised, since Anjali has never been one to show much interests in collages - that is mostly Sophia's forte. Sophia was still sleeping as a result of jetlag.

So we finished the pesto and put the soup to simmer. We went back to the topic of the collage. Since I save eggshells for plant fertilizer, I asked Anjali if she wanted to use some of the eggshells for her collage, along with garlic skin. She was at once enthusiastic.

Here is what she did. She picked up this milk carton (I know, the house is full of stuff that I never throw away, and under the kitchen table is a great place to find these things), got glue and began to glue the garlic skin on it. Sophia got up by this time and the two girls had a blast pounding eggshells with the almond pounder (Take that Maria Montessori)

Then they glued the eggshells and the garlic skin on the box. Anjali was then looking for other things to glue and I offered her this Aluminium foil that I had saved up long ago as what remined after putting something in the oven

The then Anjali photographed the result.

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