Friday, May 4, 2012

A present for Mother's day

There is something very wholesome about a child carrying a basket and picking flowers in a garden

Even if the garden is only a set of flower pots on the sill and the basket is a mushroom packet with a cardboard handle taped on it.

The child picks a whole bunch of periwinkles and then arranges the flowers and some leaves that she picked on a tray. She changes the arrangements around so that they take on shapes - first a plant then a butterfly.

Rewind about twenty five years, i remember my grandfather picking flowers from his garden - tiny white flowers with orange stems which he would then thread together into a garland for the altar. He used to do this every evening and I used to sit next to him, watching and sometimes threading.

"Happy Mother's day!" she says to me, holding the tray.

"I also want to make one like that!" says Sophia

I start making excuses - its 10pm, tomorrow is a school day etc.

But the flower picker says

"Come with me Sophia, we will work on it together. We will be a team!"

She is beginning her managerial training.

She'll probably be better at it than I am. Though I would still prefer the farming career. 

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