Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Peek into our living space

I have been heavily influences by the Reggio Emilia and Waldorf approaches to education, which prompts us to surround our children with rich learning environments. So we are constantly making changes to our home to make it into a child friendly explorable, learnable environment. Here are some images on the way we are curently organizing our space.
Beads, handwork and sewing corner, has mostly craft projects that the kids are working on. Contents - yarn, hamabeads, cardboard looms, child safe needles etc, which get changed fairly periodically, maybe every month or so.
The roller blades have found a home in a corner - reachable, but out of the way
Our nature table, which also evolves and changes. Pictured - seashells, pine cones, indoor plant, a yakult container in which the girls have planted lentils to sprout. As the children grow up, they tend to bring in more outdoor stuff indoors - branches, stones, wood etc. (Incidentally, the naure table also moonlights as a shoe rack)
Reading corner and indoor garden. these are the library books

Our music corner. this is a start - it needs work as we add instruments and ideas to the space. Keyboard, toy guitar, and some percussion instruments in a basket
Sand tray near the door (Yes. I am crazy)
A semi permanat imaginative play spot where the activity changes every other month. Right now, ti houses a fairy garden
Work books
Bike area.

Not too bad, but constantly shifting and changing as the kids grow and needs a lot of improvement. There is a good bit of floor space for drawing, messy work and pretend play.

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