Wednesday, March 14, 2012


When i began this blog, i intended for it to be a record of the way Anjali grows. This was mostly because she was growing entirely too fast and I found myself forgetting some of the various phases in her life - like how her ears kept getting folded when she turned over and stuff. Then i got rather swayed by all those homeschooling stuff that goes around the web and part of the blog became a documentation of my non work life - the books I read, the crafts I do, the activities and lessons that we do with the kids, the places we visit and ofcourse also stories of how the children grow.

Talking about stories, here is one that happened last Saturday

Anjali: Mummy, Sophia wants to stay overnight at Ramya's house

Me: But you have to go early in the morning for IEP at Jacob Ballas garden

Anjali goes to confer

Anjali: Mummy, Ramya is also coming to Jacob Ballas garden

Me: Really?

Anjali: Yes. So can Sophia go?

Me: I dont see any problem

Anjali walks back and Sophia toddles over

Sophia: Mummy, mummy, can I sleep in Yamya's house today?

Me: I thought you want to go swimming and daddy is coming with all the swimming stuff

Sophia: Mummy mummy, I will go to Yamya's house and then go swimming

Me: We'll discuss it later, first pay attention to the Shloka class

Sophia toddles away

The class finishes and the girls are at it again.

Anjali: Mom! Can we go to Ramya's house?

Me: Yes. I have spoken with you dad

Anjali: Mom! Can we stay overnight at Ramya;s house?

I must admit that i was a bit surprised at this, since last time, Anjali didnt want to stay overnight and returned with me, while Sophia slept in Ramya's house.

Me: Are you sure?

Anjali:; Yes

So the girls stayed overnight in Ramya's house and returned home on Sunday afternoon.

Sophia reminds me of Vishnu of the old days, always looking to see where the next party is.

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