Monday, March 26, 2012


Anjali has been gradually growing up into a mature young child. I feel somewhat nostalgic but she seems to be leaving her babyhood behind and surely going into girlhood.

As a result of this metamorphosis, her concentration span has increased dramatically, as has her ability to dream and crate and imagine. Almost every evening, we spend a few minutes before bed, drawing by nightlight. Anjali's drawings reflect her thoughts. While one often draws the activity that they spent most time on, Anjali draws the activity that strikes a chord on her.

We keep the drawings simple - usually plain pencil sketches, but sometimes decorating them with glitter glue or with markers.

I have seen this girl also bluffing through her teeth for several things, and am yet to decide how to handle this problem in the best way. Evidently,. telling her to tell the truth leads to a response that goes "It is the truth!"

Things sometimes get a bit overwhelming when the kid wanted to sleep by herself in patti's room. I am not sure when is the time to let go. I gave her an argument to the contrary and she accepted it without too much fuss, which leads me to believe that she was just testing the waters. But it wont be long before she broaches the subject again and I will need to revamp patti's room into a study/ girl's play room. Given the speed with which things are moving, we can say that the revamping should be done within the next year.

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