Thursday, March 1, 2012


"Mummy, can you give me a lunch box?" asks Sophia

"A lunch box?" I repeated blankly. I knew that some of the kids in the girls' school brought a lunch box. For two years, I saw no need to send one, since the school food seemed good enough.

"Some of the childyen in my class bying a lunch box. ", she clarified.

"Yes mom", said Anjali, taking up the cause. "Danielle sometimes brings a lunch box. Naomi always brings a lunch box"

"Ok. What should I put in the box?" I asked.

"Maybe some sandwiches or biscuits", said Anjali.

The school gives sandwiches and biscuits too. I thought it, but didnt say so.

The next day was Monday and Anjali had ballet. Sophia and husband loitered the West mall and when I met them, Sophia had hoodwinked husband into buying her a lunch box.

It was pink and heart shaped

It had a barbie on it.

And ofcourse they had bought only one and Anjali wanted another. Now, I know that we have a multitude of very good and very servicable tupperwares at home, any of which would make an excellent container for school lunch. But no. Anjali also had to have a pink, heart shaped thingy with the character on it.

They have been taking their lunch box to school every day. It gives me something else to do in the morning besides husbands lunch. And I have been researching creative bentos. Atleast it gives me an opportunity to sneak something else into their box besides the sandwich and biscuits - both the handful of grapes and the handful of blueberres were eaten.

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