Monday, March 12, 2012

Anjali's level 3 piano concert

Well, there is that, Anjali is officially in level 4 of beginner's piano, the last step before she can choose to go for graded lessons. When Anjali gets through that step - in 20 weeks, Sophia will be ready to go in for the class.

"Gwen goes for Chinese lessons", Anjali says to me. "So her Chinese is very good. Can I also go for Chinese lessons?"

We had encountered Gwen a couple of times in the community club on our way back from Monday Ballet. Husband is seriously considering putting her in, but who will follow up at home? I ask myself.

"You will not be in the same class as Gwen", I tell her, thinking that perhaps she just wanted to go to the class to hang out with her friend.

"Never mind", she says. "I can make new friends there"

Here are some videos from the concert.

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