Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Recycling spotlight: woven rag rug in the making

This is my current on sometimes off sometimes project, a woven rag rug.

Pretty isnt it. If you look carefully, you can see three layers, with a fouth one in the making. Let me start off by telling something about it.

THe first layer is a set of miscellaneous clothes - mostly old children's clothes. Hence the bright and assorted colors. The second off white patch is an old bedsheet that belonged to thattha and patti which patti had dropped over for me to use. It was totally ragged for thattha to use although he had gotten several years worth out of it. The Third layer is a bunch of demins. I think it was five pairs of old jeans, torn at the crotch and had to go into the bin kind. We ripped up the legs. The current layer in progression is a baby bedsheet which we never used because it was made out of polyester.

My idea is to make it a really huge focal point for the licing room or the reading corner, and put lots of homemade cushions on it and a papaer mache table.

I had started work on the paper mache table last week. the idea was to make a sort of thick central base using ktichen rolls and mache over them so that they were bound together and strong and then put a layer of paper mached cardboard on top.

It was a good idea in principle. i had loosely bound the kitchen rolls togehther using duct tape and left them in the kitchen to paper mache at my next convenient time, but Sophia decided to use them as a footstool. So wehn i got back from work, what was left there was a huge mess of cardboard rolls. I popped them right back for further work another day

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