Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A lesson learnt

I learnt a very important lesson yesterday and that is that children under four years old cannot whisper.

Swati spoke sternly to Deepika because she was making noise at the beginning of the program and Deepika burst into very cute very loud tears.

I kept insisting to Sophia that she ought to be quiet. Patti took her out just after the children's program to feed her and she came in half way through the closing meditation.

"Mom", she said, half way across the room completely unmindful of the fact that everyone was meditating. "Mom, I eated already and patti give me food. "

She plomped down on my lap and wiggled out of it to sit next to Anjali and Ramya.

"Mom, I eated idli and chappati. Patti gived me idli and chappati"

She continued like this, totally unmindful of the looks that i gave her until I got up and threatened to take her out if she didnt stop making noise.

The meditation stopped around then.

As I got up to make pranam, she goes

"Mom, the lights are on, can we make noise now?"


Just before leaving, Sophia threw a tantrum. It went like this

She wanted to wear a white pearl bead necklace and had selected it. She was making a fuss about dressing and Suganti aunty was coming in the taxi. So I grabbed the makeup and a comb and popped them in my bag. i forgot the necklace and it was on the sofa in patti's room.

After reaching downstairs, i realized that I had forgotten a hand kerchief too. Suganti aunty will take another five minutes and so husband ran up to take a handkerchief. I gave rather clear instructions to husband on the necklace and also asked him to bring it down.

Husband couldnt find the necklace on the sofa (the reason for that came apparent later) and Sophia threw a tantrum because the necklace that he had brought down was pink and tangled (it was one of those twisted bead necklaces)

And the taxi driver refused to take us because there were three adults and three kids in the cab. some drivers are rather finicky about this.

As we had a rehearsal, and the program wouldnt begin till seven, husband decided to get the train and he called me after getting back home to find out about the necklace. It turned out that the imp had kicked the necklace to the floor and it was on top of the lego box

I convinced Sophia to wear the pink necklace in the meantime and as often happens with children, she forgot about the necklace issue and kept on wearing the pink necklace for the program.

Later at night,p before bed, as she was toying with the pink necklace, i remarked to her how in the end, she liked the pink necklace after all.

The lower lip stuck out and she went

"I want to go again to the center and wear a necklace with no tangles and do the show again!!"

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