Monday, February 6, 2012

I dont want to go to school

Sophia: I dont want to go to school mummy

Me: Why not?

Sophia: Because... (you could almost see her gears whirring )... because... mummy... going to school is like locking myself up in a room full of monsters.

I had to try very hard to keep a straight face about that one. it was, I think pretty serious.

She did get on to the bicycle and was pretty mollified by the new cycle cushion, but I understand from husband that she gave a good bit of trouble getting into the assembly area and clawed him a lot.

It might all boil down to the fact that she didnt quite have enough sleep last night, since having absolutely refused to sleep in the afternoon, she came up with absolutely ridiculous excuses to sleeping in the night, like

1. I am not sleepy
2. I dont know how to close my eyes
3. I cannot sleep on the bed, I need a lap to sleep on. I need mummys lap or patti's lap to sleep on
4. Baby orangutans never sleep on the bed
5. i need mummy milk shake now! I need Vanilla milk shake
6. I am very bored.

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