Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fairy water and jogging


Sophia: Mummy, can I make fairy water?

Me: Yes, after Anjali plays her piano

Sophia: Please. i want to make fairy water.

Anjali settled in the piano with husband and I took a tub out for fairy water.

Sophia: I want to do fairy water in the hall

Me: No. Water play is in the bathroom only

Sophia: But the bathroom is so wet!

Me: thats kind of the point. I am going to hunt up stuff too put in fairy water and you tell me when you are ready.

Sophia (with an expression of self sacrifice): I am eady to make fairy water in the bathroom.

Anjali finished her piano and the girls played a while putting bottle caps and marker caps and beads in the water


Husband: I am going jogging

Anjali: Can I go with you?

Me: Your bedtime is in half an hour

Anjali: Please, can I go.

Husband: I will run very fast Anjali

Anjali: Its ok. I can take my kick scooter and go with you

Sophia: No!! Anjali, dont go jogging.

Me: Do you also want to go jogging

Sophia: Anjali, dont go jogging.

Me: Sophia, what do you want?

Sophia: Mummy sniff, mummy sniff, I want to go jogging but I want to finish the fairy water first.

Me: Ok, let Anjali and daddy go first and then when they come back they will take you again.

I was, of course secretly hoping that she would forget about this and then we could send her to bed. I should have known better after five years of parenting.

Anjali and husband left for jogging. Sophia and I played with the fairy water, made fairy dust, put fairy spells on each other, and then played dress up (with Sophia wearing my old shirt as a dress and a sash around it) and drank vanilla milk shake


Anjali came back with husband. The girls began to play and at some point began to take out brooms from the closet to sweep the floor.

Me: Its bedtime.

Sophia: But I want to go jogging.

Me: There is no bicycle tomorrow. You have to wake up early.

Sophia: But you said that I could go jogging and you are not taking me. You said...

There was nothing for it.

Me: Can you take her for a quick round the playground?

Anjali: Wait, I will get my water bottle and come.

Sophia: You said you will take me jogging

Me: I never said that i will take you jogging. I have never jogged in my entire life.

Sophia has the sense to look rather mollified. But

Sophia: You said htat daddy will take me jogging,,,

Me: i know what I said, now change and go.

And they went

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