Monday, February 27, 2012

A bit of this and a bit of that

We have been dabbling in a lot of things these few weeks, and there are photos and such, with lots of opportunities for craft and playtime, though there has not been any solid effort on my part to capture these on camera. Here are a few of the things we have been doing.

The girls helped me to paint hears on this suspicious looking artifact which actually has a role to play in our house
Since husband is at home a fair bit these days, the girls have been taking the guinea pigs out a lot and playing with them a lot
We did indoor camping one day. The girls fell asleep in the tent, and I moved them to the bed at around midnight. In the morning, Anjali woke up and wanted to know why we werent in the tent, whereupon, I explained that I had gotten a couple of insect bites during the night. That was partly true, but the other reason was that it is not very comfortable in the tent and very hard to turn.
The girls played with the tent in the morning until husband convinced them to dismantle it. Ofcourse, by that time, it was full of toys and Sophia's sensory stuff. We did batik on Saturday. Not the white glue stuff, but the real stuff with hot wax. I didnt get any pictures during the process as I was keeping a close watch on the girls, but I did get a couple of photos of the end product. The batik was simply using the slow cooker filled with boiling water with an old biscuit tin willed with paraffin wax.

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