Thursday, February 23, 2012

an adventure with teeth

I knew that all that drama with toothbrushing had to add up to something. We took Sophia to the dentist yesterday. It was a pediatric dentist,l who was very nice to her and gave the kids stickers after the checkup, and she revealed what we had suspected.

the kid has a magical number of cavities.

The most powerfully magical number.

No idea how that could have happened. Apparently, her back teeth are weak, possibly attributing to the chicken pox she had at eight months which prevented the teeth from developing, but the dentist was very sure to emphasize that it all boiled down to the brushing.

Now, despite the fact that she has a magical number of cavities, the kid refuses to brush her teeth and both last night and this morning, husband and I made sure that we pinned her down to brush her teeth. It is a herculean task, requiring great strength and courage, not least because the kid is muleheaded enougfh and smart enough to resort to underhanded methods to deter you from the task. Such underhanded mehtods include persuasion, very credible excuses and when all else fails, extreme violence that involves, among other weapons, the very same entities that we are interested in polishing and safeguarding in the hope that she might use them in the future for more rewarding and purposeful tasks.

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