Friday, January 6, 2012


Sophia: When Dinosaurs were living, we were not living. Why?
Anjali: Mummy, can you tell me how adults make babies?

It is a little hard to juggle questions about the truths of life when they come in diverse forms simultaneously and when you are waiting in the busstop for the school bus

I have a one question at a time and a take turns policy and when I had answered Sophia's question she immediately had another one

Sophia: How did Dinosaurs die?
Anjali: They died because a volcano erupted and a tsunami came
Sophia: How does a volcano form?

I interrupted to answer Anjali's question and thank the heavens that the bus came before we could get into the details.

And simultaneously answered Sophia's question about volcanoes coming because of the fire under the earth.

I am sure there are more questions waiting for me.

We are halfway through Roald Dahl's witches and I am on the lookout for more chapter books, preferably those that I have read and enjoyed. Anjali found it very interesting that I have read witches atleast five times, and Harry Potter atleast ten times. After we had turned out the light, she said

"mummy, can you tell me the rest of the witches story from your head?"

"I cant do it as well as the book does", I told her. "Why not? You said you read the book five times?"

Its hard to think of witty responses at ten thirty on a weeknight.

I went to the school this morning to pay Anjali's school fees. The bus had dropped them before I reached, but I couldnt find Anjali on the K1 line. But then a voice called me

"Mummy! We are over here!"

And there the four of them were, Anjali, Sophia, Mikaela and her sister

"We are in N1", said Anjali and Mikaela elaborated "We are sitting here till the school starts, then we will go to our class"


  1. Ok, so How DO Adults make babies? what are/were you going to tell her. Pls share...hahaha...

  2. Havent you gotten it yet? I gave her the standard mummy and daddy prayed to god story. But thankfully the bus came, as it was beginning to get a little sticky. I can only hope that they have other questions to ask and that this one wont come up again for a long time


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