Monday, January 16, 2012

Its very easy to be out argued by your five year old

I was bouncing off husband the idea of going to Mustafa to see the money changer to change money for the trip to Yogyakarta.

Husbnad was not very keen on losing an hour on the detour to Mustafa, but Anjali overheard us.

"I want to go to Mustafa"

And then, much later

"I havent gone to Mustafa in so long. The last time I went to Mustafa was the time I got my thomas shoes, and now Sophia is wearing them. "

That kind of logic is quite hard to beat


She also makes an excellent food critic

"Mom", she says "you know the french fries that youo made for Sophia's birthday party?.. I think you should roast them some more. They tasted like potatoes and not like french fries"


And a great architect

"Mom. Ramya, Sophia and I will live in the pool. You just have to change our water everyday like daddy changes the guinea pigs cage"


To Ramya

"You know, my mummy can make french fries and cake. My daddy has just run down to buy ketchup, but my daddy can make ketchup"


To Ananya
"My daddy is a superhero you know, you want to see him making a fountain?"


I was grumbling on Saturday morning about the amount of effort that you need to put in organizing a birthday party. Making goody bags, and getting the games and stuff together.

And on Sunday morning, I was putting together the sandwiches when Sophia walks into the kitchen

"Mummy, you know I have two birthdays. "

"One is when I have the dyagon cake and one is when I have the gyuffalo cake"

And when the three year old remembers the dragon cake put together for her an year ago, I think it sort of makes the whole thing pretty worthwhile.

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