Tuesday, January 10, 2012

An interview with William and Sara

WE had been to the Omni theatre on New year's eve, and had watched Born to be Wild. It was a very inspiring omni movie of two women who worked hard to rescue baby elephants and orangutans, raisee them and return them to the wild. One of the woment is Dr Birute Gildakis who works with the Orangutans in Borneo. Her adventure haas so captures the children's imaginations.

Not a day goes by when they dont do something orangutan related. One evening, Sophia asked me to show her some orangutan pictures and then she gave this long speech

"Daddy! We will go in the Klotok and see the oyangutants and it will be so fun. We can sleep in the Klotoks and Anjali... do you want to sleep upstairs or downstairs in the klotok? ... Daddy... Anjali and you will sleep upstairs and mummy and I will sleep downstairs in the Klotok and we will see the oyangutans in Camp Leakey. That is where the oyangutans sleep when their mummys are died" **

** Copied to the best of my abilities. i tried to make her do it again for a video but it didnt work.

I got a travel book about Borneo and read up on how to go to Camp Leaky. I must admit that the idea has me hooked as well.

And here is a video of a favorite game that the girls like to play. In this William is a Keeper who takes care of Sara, the Orangutan. Something happened to the camera on the first bit of the video where William introduces himself and Sara.

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