Friday, January 13, 2012

In the woods goes the hunter

We have been doing a lot of interesting and fun projects yesterday evening and this morning. the girls have been asking me for a long time to make diaper snow and I thought that this would be the best time to do it, since in a few days we wont have diapers in our house any more.

Sophia enjoyed the craft and I packed up the snow into the freezer for them to try again. This morning it was all hard and it may be interesting to take it out again in the evening and see how the girls like cold snow.

This morning, husband took the girls to school on the bike, giving me a blissful half an hour more with them. We decorated the fairy wings from the princess movie, for those who didnt realize, the wings were made of a plastic hanger with old stockings wrapped around them. And the girls decorated them with stickers.

But the highlight of the whole thing was that Anjali began to finger knit, and she likes it. Well, actually it is finger crocheting, since all we are doing was to make chains, but I think it is an activity that she can sit at for a bit, if I sit with her. Thanks to Soule Mama's creative family book.

And then I taught her the song for it -

In the woods goes the hunter
Round the tree goes the dog
Out pops the rabbit and
Off they run!!

Anjali refused to let me cut off her string and said that she wants to con tinue it, so I held it with an icecream stick. Sophia also wanted to knit, and I gave her a ball of yarn. As was characteristic of her, she refused to let me teach her anything and just kept wrapping the yarn around the stick. Then I gave her a cardboard weaving board and she played with it a bit.

Maybe we will try felting this evening.

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