Monday, January 30, 2012

Anjali's argument

I was mumbling some bedtime story to the children

"And then...", said Anjali.

"Enough Anjali", I said. "I am tired, the story is long and tomorrow is a school day"

"Mummy", she says, "Finish the story. You are always telling me that I should finish my work and you are not finishing the story"

You ought to be careful what to tell the children. I have always been telling Anjali that she doesnt sit at an activity. Scratch that, she doesnt sit at many activities. On Saturday, she spent about an hour doing a paint by number kit that husband had gotten for her. She has been known to spend half an hour or longer at hama activities and she spent almost an entire plane trip working on a scratch pad with rainbows on it. On Friday we sat together to work on homework and we were at it for abot 45 minutes.

I guess it is somewhat my expectations, that I expect the children to sit at fine motor activities, but Anjali sort of stope doing fine things when the novelty wears out. For instance, the hamabead work stopped after the first couple of cars and any beads that were subsequently done were not completed, but poured out half way. The same gotes for the sewing/ embroidery and knitting projects. I guess it is rather early for her, I didnt start doing embroiodery and stuff till seven or eight, and there is not much interesting about running stitch. Its only fun when you do chain stitches and the like.

I guess that the thing to do will be to offer the activities again and again.

Sophia has made good improvement in her letter identification. I have been using the sandpaper montessori letters that I made for Anjali and never used with her and she is getting good at sounds. I guess it is important to let the cchildren do things at their own time

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