Thursday, November 24, 2011

updates on small worlds

"These small worlds are really great!", said husband yesterday evening, as the girls were working on and adding to their What the ladybird heard farm. "They require so many skills and hone them"

We have been taking a fairly open approach with our small worlds. Patti mentioned yesterday that Sophia was at Pride Rock for half an hour yesterday afternoon, putting up a show, with Anjali and Patti as the audience. Given that Sophia's shows goes something like this, half an hour is not a lot of time.

Sophia: Simba and Nala, you must climb on pyide yock! All the animals must stay here! Meerkat must stay here! Warthog must stay here also. You know something happened when Simba and Nala was small?

Audience: What happened?

Sophia: What happened? We will discuss. Something happened when Simba and Nala were small. What happened?

Audience: What happened?

We go with this conversation in circles for half an hour without anyone really knowing what happened. I guess this kid should go into international negotiations. She'll drive everyone crazy into giving up.

The girls were working on the farm yesterday. Anjali is improving her scissors skills and works hard in cutting up characters along the lines. You should see her cutting of lanky len.

Again, it is interesting to see how the girls have different interests, and small world creation and play allows them capitalize on their interests. Anjali is interested in single processes - cutting, single media painting etc. She simply doesnt like to glue stuff, though she is good at it, but the process doesnt interest her. Sophia loves glueing. I guess there is something very satisfying about squeezing the whole pot of glue out onto the paper for sticking a small piece of flower on top.

For the farm world, Anjali cut out the shapes while Sophia works on farm decoration. Yesterday she glued pieces of yellow tissue all over the farm as a backdrop and the gluing was done extremely uniformly. No idea what they represent though. And she made this mixed media art where she took a few pieces of every single collage material that i had and glued it very deliberately on her art paper.

We are planning next to make a fairy land, including a teeth inspired castle for the tooth fairy. If anyone has any inspirations on how to get this done/ how mot to go overboard with it, please let me know. 

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