Friday, November 4, 2011

Pride rock and our fort

Hands on as we grow has a build a fort challenge.

The girls were not very enthusiastic about the idea of building a fort, but since Pride rock was still going strong, and I was starting to have serious doubts about the sustaining capability of the pocketed spring mattress to the kind of torture that it was subjected to, I enticed the girls into building a cave for Simba and Nala to sleep in

It was fairly late in the evening ans some kind of simultaneous chat was happening over skype with bunica and Tata Sile and Sophia's drawings of pride rock and the elephant graveyard with all the hyenas are still on the floor.

The idea of a lion cave was pretty well received and although the fort was taken apart after the girls went to sleep, Sophia and I rebuilt it bigger and more roomy this morning after dropping Anjali at the school bus.

In the meantime, here are the renderings of pride rock and Anjali and I have been doing every evening.

I made the drawings (she asks me to do the same drawing every evening, this is the second night in a row) and Anjali did the coloring. I think her coloring skills are improving a lot. I dont get them to do much coloring at home because of all the debate over coloring not being open ended enough, but sometimes indulge them if they ask me to draw some specific image for them to color.

Talking about color, here are the puffy paint renditions that I had blogged about a couple of days ago

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