Monday, November 28, 2011

Potter mania

"How do people become wizards mom?", asked Anjali, as we were waiting for a taxi to take us to the library.

"Well", i said. "You got to go to a magic school and then study there for seven years. Then you can become a wizard"

"What do you study in magic school? Where is the magic school?"

"Well, when you get to magic school, they sort you into houses"

"What houses?"

"Giffindor, hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin"

"Is there something wrong with Slytherin?", she asked

Husband, it transpires, has been showing the girls the harry potter movies in the afternoons sometimes. This is combined with that I got the philosopher's stone on the kindle and sometimes read the story to the girls.

"IN wizard school", I said, "the students dont learn reading and Math and stuff"

"No mummy. They learn about herbs and plants", piped in Sophia.

I hadnt known about the movies then, so I said

"Yes, she is right. They learn herbology..."

"And when the pull the plants up the plant ciyes!"

I stared quite blankly. Its been a while since I watched the second movie (though I have read the books about a hundred times each) I think that the movies exaggerate where they shouldnt and cut where they shouldnt. I never quite forgave them for cutting out nearly headless nick's deathday party, but for making all that hullabaloo with the train coming behind the car.

Maybe Sophia will stop the Simba Nala business and start the Harry Potter instead. I might nudge her a bit and make some wizard crafts


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