Thursday, November 24, 2011

Learning with Anjali

there are three formal learning activities that I inisit that Anjali do everyday, reading, piano and Shloka. Added together these three activities take anywhere between half an hour to one hour. Sometimes, various challenges make the activities take longer than I would expect them to take.

During lesson time, Sophia's presence proves to be a distraction. To help with this, and to ensure that both kids have a fair time, and because he thinks thatb I criticize too much, husband takes the piano lessons while I take the reading and Shloka. Yesterday was Sophia's first time doing tot school with me when Anjali was having piano and I discovered the challenges that one would have to face while doing schoolwork with Sophia.

"Who likes ponds?"


"Can you color the tortoise yellow?"

"No. Wwant to coloy pink!"

I let her.

When it was Anjali's time to read, we shut ourselves up in patti's room and husband worked with Sophia. They both came looking for us after about a quarter of an hour , with husband saying

"I have a moral duty to inform her future husband (god bless him) that she never listens"

Anjali makes good progress with her reading. She reads her passages and sounds very well, but has trouble with words. But that could simply be because words are a little boring to read on themselves. She is more interested in words that have more context with her surroundings, and each time she reads a word, she tries to put a sentence to it. The problem comes when she makes errors like sayingg

"Lets fill up the bottles" when the word she is reading is "feel"

But I guess thats part of the learning phase

During Shloka time, the girls both took a book from the altar bookshelf (neither book was about the Bagavad Gita) and began to follow the shlokas with their fingers. So I have promised to give them both a book with Gita verses printted nicely for them to read. BEgan work on it this morning, but need to find illustrations

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