Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How creativity encourages conversation and strange behaviors

I remember reading a piece somewhere about a famous scientist who dreamed about the solution to a problem, which was later to win him the nobel prize. However, by the time he woke up and got to the lab, he had forgotten the solution.

The next time he had a dream, he was better prepared, he pulled on his pants and headed to the lab straight away.


The girls are making love potions in the kitchen.

"I want blue!", says Anjali

"Girls dont like blue Anjali", Says Sophia.

"I like blue", says Anjali

"My patti says that girls dont like blue"

"Some girls like blue, blue is very beautiful", says Anjali


I found this fabulous article on mommy labs where a very creative lady named Rashmee shares cool activities. I had marked the article on microwave puffy paint to try out with the girls

The best art is open ended and the girls set to work on their drawing blocks. While their first paper was mostly exploration, by the time their second and third sheets rolled around, the girls had come up with truly exceptional creations, which I microwaved before taping to the wall.

Sophia woke up in the morning at 5.45, shortly after I had gotten up. I went to the bedroom, but she ignored me and walked straight to the computer table

Sophia pulled two sheets of paper from the computer table and walks to the lightbulb lab, from where she gets a fat black marker pen. At some point she realizes that she has two sheets of paper in her hand, so she goes back to the computer table to return one sheet.

Then she clambers up on patti's black chair and tries to open the marker. it wont budge. After a few tries, I offer to open it for her. She begins to draw.

"I will tell patti that girls like blue", says Sophia

"You shouldnt believe everything everybody tells you, Sophia", I told her. "Sometimes Anjali tells to a lot of things which are not really true, because she is just needling you."

"Does patti go to school?" asked Anjali to Sophia

"No!" said Sophia

"Does patti go to office?", asked Anjali

"No", said Sophia.

"Then patti does not know anything", she concluded triumphantly

Whoa! hold on! where did that come from??

I washed my dough filled hands and sat down to explain that people dont need to go to office or school to know things and people who know things choose not to go to office or school so that they can take better care of their babies. I hope I got the point across.

Sophia's drawings, though mostly abstract, could be interpreted, by a very imaginative soul to represent various things- a red and yellow cow head, a flying super dog, a fat snowman with a huge mustache...

Not to be outdone, the girls sat near the wall for a whole quarter of an hour to describe their art - Anjali came up with seahorses, playgrounds, red clouds, blue clouds, yellow rain and crocodiles in blue water.

I leave Sophia to her drawing and return to the kitchen to work.

A couple of minutes later, I hear the trip trapping of feet and Sophia has closed her marker and returned it to the lightbulb lab. She stumbles right back onto bed and is asleep within seconds.

I looked at the doodle, it sort of looked like a bird.

Who knows' maybe she will win some kind of nobel prize in art.

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