Monday, October 3, 2011

stuffed sock toys: Make it with recycled stuff thingies

Husband was saying that we used to have a lot more age appropriate activities for Anjali than we do for Sophia who just has to tag along the best she can to all the four year old activities. Here is an example of this. The huddle above represents two girls who are trying to make dolls, out of old socks. And here is what i mean by Sophia tagging along as best as she could. I picked a pair of torn socks for the dolls and Sophia picked up another sock. "Its too small mummy", she says, and argues and cries until i agree to her making dolls with both pairs. Here is what we used 1. Two pairs of socks 2. stuffing (old stained t-shirts, nappty clothes, torn pants etc) 3. glue/ thread, string etc. Anjali tried her hand at sticthing one doll closed 4. Buttons and embellishments. And this is what we got. While Anjali was sewing her doll closed (she still needs help with sewing, so i sat with her), Sophia, who is much better with glue than Anjali was at 2.5 years old, came up with this,. For Anjali, at 2.5 years, art was all about exploration. Even with all the gymboree classes, I was hardpressed to get an end product from her. And it was not until she was well past 3 years old that she came up with end products. But as I cut out two pink buttons from an old t-shirt that we were planning to rip for stuffing, Sophia picked up the buttons to use as eyes for her doll. She glues then and showed me. "Good", I said. "let me find you something for the nose" I was rummaging in the kitchen and she comes alongg with a pista shell. "This is the noses mummy!", she says. Here is Anjali's - stitched, tied and missing a mouth. Then they made another couple. So here's the family, complete with hair etc They were going to bed (i.e. drying) so that Sophia would leave them alone. Anyway, it was time to go to bed.

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