Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cornflous gloop and feelie goop

Its been a while since we did household items exploring with the girls. Given the last post that i wrote about Sophia having to catch up with whatever activity Anjali was doing, we thought it was necessary to tailor some activities for her, especially.

Today, she woke up with Anjali and after Anjali went to school, I had a good half an hour to spend with her. So I took out cornflour and water

"Are we doing an expeyiment mummy?", she asked enthusiastically

And we ended up with this

"I have geen over here!", she said.

"Cool", I said "Why do you have green? I didnt put any green paint inside"

"Its magic geen!" she said, with the air of someone who has discovered just why the earth goes around

She poured out a couple of spoons of the stuff into some plastic bowls and before leaving for work, I cooked the rest of the cornstarch into a thick goop.

This is what she was doing when I left for work

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