Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Astuteness and how to deal with it

This morning, I was working on the fire painting for Anjali's costume. I painted two A-4 sheets with fire. The idea was to do what Ami did for Mother's birthday last year and slip the fire over Anjali's Krishna dress.

Husband however felt that give the size of the auditorium and everything, this was not a very prudent approach and no one except the front row would be able to see the fire. So the updated idea is to paint the fire on a long white cloth and let Anjali wear it on her back like a backpack that hangs. This way, all the audience could see the fire when she turned.

When Anjali woke up, I had finished some of the painting, but had left the palette and brushes and water on the table. She immediately wanted to paint, but I made her pray first, lighting the lamp and incense and chanting a few shlokas before she painted and I fed her breakfast while she was painting.

"What is this supposed to be", I asked after the painting was done.

"Its supposed to be a painting", she replied

"Right. Is it supposed to be a painting of something, or it is abstract?"

"Its abstract"

"Ok. Does it symbolize something? Were you thinking about something while you were painting it?"

"I was thinking about the blue sky and green hills and the sun rising between them"


I looked at the clock, close to 7.40am.

"Goodness, we are late, lets run around and put on your shoes"

"Mummy, you never rush when you are singing songs, but you always rush when you get me ready for school. why?"

That was a very astute question. And it picked on something I did wrong.

"You dont rush when you are praying to god", I mumbled, deflecting the question

"But why you can rush when you are getting me ready for school?"

"I shouldnt", I answered. "There are a couple of ways to get around this. Either we get up early, so that we have more time to dilly dally around the breakfast table, or we dilly dally a little less"

She considered.

"I think I would rather dilly dally a little less"

Nowadays, it is becoming more apparent to me that Anjali is growing up to be a person who has her own reasoining instincts and everything

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