Monday, September 5, 2011

Sophia's mathematical skills

Sophia is picking up seeds in bunica's garden and giving them to me.
"Mummy, this is for you, one seed.", she said, handing me four seeds.
"All the seeds are for me?" I ask
"No", she says "One for you, one for Andhali, one for daddy and one for me"
I stuck out two fingers - the forefinger and the tall man.
"You gaveme so many seeds?"
She looks at me as though she is sorry that she has a mummy who cannot understand simple arithmetic
"Put this up" (pointing to my ring finger), "Put this up (pointing to my pinkie)" "Dont put this up" (pointing to my thumb. )
"Ok. I give you so many sheeds. Ok?"
Anjali and Sophia are playing in bunica's room
Anjali: You cant come in Sophia. This room is not for two year old babies
Sophia: Ok. Then Andhali, let us pretend that I am four years old and you are ... six years old. ok??

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