Thursday, September 22, 2011

The leg and the mule

"Surprise!" said Anjali, as i walked in yesterdat

"What?", I asked

She rose from the piano chair and walked, a little limping, but mostly ok towards me

"Wow!", I said, giving her a hug.

"I have another surprise!", she said. "sit here"

And she played skip to my lou from the beginning to the end.

And then as I was changing my clothes, she says "Mummy, my leg is better right? Can i go to the playground this evening?"

I dissuaded her from the playground idea.

Sophia toddled in

"Sophia", I said severely "i want to talk to you"

"no No!", she says, although two minutes ago, she was jumping near me, wanting to use my legs as a trampoline.

"Come here", i said

"No No. I dont want to talk to you" This was said, without any fear or stubborness - just a matter of fact statement.

"I heard that you bit your sister yesterday"

"Mummy", said Anjali. "She bit me two times, one on this side and one on that side"

"I bite Anjali", said Sophia, just as calmly "and then I goed into time out"


And then Sophia got a scolding from me for knocking the hanging pot over and spilling the petunia seeds.

She looked at me for a smile, quite unrepentant, and got none.

Then she began to cry.

So I had to take her in my arms and ask her

"Do you want to finish planting the seeds and help me hang the pot?"


"Are you angry with me?"

"Yes". She made to bit me. But I had more experiences with her mouth and dodged and the kid got a fistful of my shirt in her mouth.

"Which part of you is angry with me - your shoulder?"

"No! My mouth is angry with you"



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