Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fancy Nancy and the Shopping bags: A booky craft

We were reading Fancy Nancy- Every day is Earth day. The girls are rather environmental aware, I should say, mostly because of my reusing milk cartons and giving them junk instead of shiny new toys to play with and recycling husband's old shirts into wearables. But Nancy's decorated Save the Earth tote bag took the prize.

Sophia stopped halfway through her dinner (where we were reading the book) and insisted that we get her a bag to decorate. Anjali finished her dinner before going for her own bag. First Anjali tried sewing. But using her blunt, child safe needle through the thick tote was not very confortable, so she stuck to Sophia's method of using glue.

I drew the hearts on green paper and she cut them out. Then i hunted various old collage materials (odd stickers, a scrap of shiny paper from an old party popper, and a long strip of blue checkered cloth from my old nightie that was in the sewing box)

Sophia made me cut squares (cut big squares) and used two tonnes of glue to decorate her bag.

It would have been more interesting and earth friendly to use junk mail to decorate the bag, but I guess its not bad at all for a first attempt. And infact, it was Anjali's first attempt at self motivated independent collages (Oftentimes, I would have to encourage her to glue and fill up the spaces, but this time she did the whole thing pretty much by herself, except for the fact that i drew the hearts)

Photos: Initial

Photos: Final products

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