Saturday, August 27, 2011

from sophia to patti

Dear patti,

mummy give me milo in a purple cup. then i dink it up. then i walked to mummy.

patti... i saw dogs in the danube delta. pu[ppies also. some puppies have byoken legs. Some dogs fight and chew the puppy's legs so the puppies have no two legs again.

patti. i saw a small snake near the yestauyant steps. we said it can go back home.

when we was stopping our boat daddy picked some snake skin for us. I tyaed it up. I teared my snake skin into half and give one piece to anjali and lots of pieces for me.

the spider was a baby spider and it was cute and it didnt put me in a spider web. How many hand is this? two. with two hands it hugged me. with the yemaINING HANDS IT MADE TEH SPIDER WEB YOUND AND YOUND AND YOUND AND THEN IT kissed me. With two hands it kissed me.

patti. I fished for seaweeds. I fished anf sifhed and fished and anjali get the seaweed for me and I byoke it inside the boat. It was so funny.

Anjali said that the fish will die if you fish, We fished for seaweeds. fish for sea weed. Daddy onuly fished for fish. He needs to take out the hook and thyow it in the water. Daddy catch one onuly because anjali said dont want.

patti.. alexandyu fell into the bog. because alexandyu thumped into the bog. He was holding a rope and he walked on the shaky plank but he walked very fast and so he fell this way and landed in a bog. He was all muddy. So he was like a swamp monster and he went and explored the boat and he went back to change his clothes. He changed his clothes in bunica's room. and thats the end of the stoie.

the boat ride was bumping my head. it was bumping and bumping. (Anjali) It feels like going on a dinasoua. (Sophia) for me it was just like bumping my head.

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