Friday, June 10, 2011

Photos of things that have been happening

I took a look at my camera archive this morning and got a big shock. I have been taking photos, as has Anjali, but I have not put up or archived them in any way. I thought that today i would do this properly. Here goes. The photos in this archive goes back about two months.

Here are some photos of the girls in Deepika's party. As I said, it has been a long time since the last real photo update

Here is one of Sophia roaring after eating some chololate contraption that either husband or I cooked up

In my abscence in italy, husband had taken up bread baking, and some of his breads look quite professional

My breads on the otherhand, always look a bit depressed, though they taste fine. I guess husband uses more white flour than I have the heart to do

This is what my two girls did the day i got back (Patti doesnt let them draw on the floor)

Here are the girls helping me to cook (pasta, I think). Anjali loves cutting on the chopping board and I have a couple of blunt knives that i give her and a butter knife for Sophia. It is usually good enough for the things that i ask the girls to cut - like asparagus and mushrooms

This is one of those internet inspired crafts. We didnt get much use of it, not as much use as we got for the cardboard house. It could simply be because it was rather in the way of husband's workplace. But that is the only ceiling hook that we have. Ideas on hanging tents from the ceiling, if they exist, are very appreciated

Anjali was very quiet for fifteen minutes yesterday evening and when I went to look for her, this is what I found

She was playing fishing with husband's shaving brush

Another internet inspired project - improvised cd case maze. I just finished it this morning, but it still needs to be put to the test.

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