Thursday, June 2, 2011

making muffins

It was my idea to make banana muffins and use up the three overripe bananas in the fruit basket. It was Anjalis' idea to decorate them with smarties. Here is the division of labor on muffin making day

Me: take bananas
Anjali: Mas bananas, first with fork, then with hand
Me: measure out oil, yogurt, vanilla and sugar
Anjali: Pur out the stuff into the bananas and mix
Me: Measure out flour, baking soda and chocolate chips.
Anjali: Mix them all up
Me: Take and wash baking tray
Anjali: Put muffin cups on baking tray
Me: Pour batter into six cups
Anjali: Pour batter into remaining six cups
Anjali: Decorate muffins with smarties
Me: Pop everything into the oven
Anjali: Lick batter pot clean

Verdict: Husband had a muffin last night and I had one this afternoon. They have a very nice banana flavor. They are a little on the sweet side though, but o so soft

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