Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Have you ever wondered

Why two rooms are not sufficient to store the toys we have in the house??

On Saturday, I looked at all the toys in four different baskets in the living room, and said to the girls "lets sit down and sort them"

"Ok", Anjali said

"can we throw these away?" I asked her, pointing to some cardboard construction kits I made

"Nope. We want to play with them"

"What about these?" Handmade gruffalo masks


How about the three courtesy lion fans that came as part of the NDP goody bag?

No and No and No.

"What about the moon and star that was part of your infant toys?"

"No mummy." Anjali says. "We shouldnt throw them. We can use them for something."

"Between me and the girls" - says husband "You cant throw anything away"

Anjali walked away to patti's room.

"What is here?", I asked, opening a box where the iron came.

It was full of old train tracks presumably from the train that Anjali had crashed when she was a baby by throwing it down from the 11th floor to the sixth floor in patti's house.

" Can we throw this away?" I asked husband

He must have taken pity on me. So he said "Ok"

I almost made it to the door. But pattering feet followed me.

"I want!!" says a voice

"Its just some old stuff, Sophia", I say trying to keep the panic and desperation out of my voice

She snatches the box from my hands and peeks inside

"Shtill playing!!" she says and coolly carried the box back inside the living room.

So much for trying to clean up.

And then husband buys five boxes of board games. It is a miracle that we still have room to sleep

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