Sunday, May 8, 2011

Things about Sophia that I forget to write in the blog

When we went to wild wild wet, Sophia was not allowed to come on the Ular la la.
She threw a tantrum
Husband took her down and told her that if she continued with the tantrum, he would walk away until she stopped.
She stopped crying and started sulking.
Then we went to Deepika's party and the kids had fun and we came home.
Sophia woke up at 2am
"Mummy, I want to go in that thing!"
Take it from me, being woken nup at 2am does not make you very coherent.
"what thing?"
"that thing. i want to go in that thing"
I guess she too cant go into specifics at 2am.
"Sophia, can you tell me what that thing is??"
"I want to go in that blue thing"
"What blue thing?" 
"I want to go in that blue slide. "
"You want to go in the playground slide?"
"No!!" she begins to cry. "I want to go in that blue slide!!" (Note the italics)
"Ok. you want to go in the blue slide with the float?"
sniff. "Yes" sniff
"Ok. I'll take you"
She curled up and went back to sleep
Patti told me a similar story
Sophia woke up a couple of night ago in the middle of the night.
"I want mikey mouse stoie!"
SO patti bagan to tell her some thing
"No. want mickey mouse stoie from the book!"
What book?
"Patti take book. take donald duck book also"
Readers, please bear in mind that this was like 2 am.
Husband has been keeping the girls occupied this weekend. As I understand, they went swimming and to fidgets yesterday. And today, husband has taken them to the Science center. WE have also booked for the Maya Ravan show this evening. Anjali has a holiday tomorrow for voting day.

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