Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mummy eggu

Anjali is eating noodles

Sophia: Mummy, i want noodles

Me: I'll give you when we come back from the busstop

We get back from the busstop. the noodles are ready

Sophia saunters into the kitchen

Sophia: mummy eggu mummy. mummy eggu

Me: You said you wanted noodles. Why dont you eat your noodles?

Sophia: No!! Want to eat eggu!

It was starting to look like a full blown tantrum

Me (getting a brainwave): Tell you what, your egg will take a while to get ready. Why dont you eat noodles while waiting for the egg?

Sophia: Ok.

I thanked the gods in the heavens

She ate the noodles.

Sophia: Mummy eggu mummy. can you make me an eggu?

Me: Ok. Do you want to come to the kitchen with me?

Sophia: No. You make an egg. i sit here ok?

Me: Ok.

But she followed me into the kitchen.

Sophia: I want to put icecube in the egg!

Then she ate half the egg

Sophia: Mummy, i want milo!

It was 8.25. While Sophia was playing with some toys, I loaded my bicycle.

Sophia: Milo! Mummy! Milo!!

So she drank about half a glass of milo before finally letting me go to work.

We were poring over some recipes for cakes.

Sophia: I like this cake mummy~ It has sugai on it. Can you make this cake?

Me: Ok. When I come back from office, you, me and Anjali can make this cake. ok?

Sophia: Ok (and then) Why you are going to Italy again mummy?

Me: I am not going to Italy. i am going to office.

Sophia. Ok. (And then) I will miss you tomoyow mummy!

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