Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On global warming

There is a fabulous podcast called Science Friday  which I download and listen to pretty often, especially for the long bike rides to and from work. I have been a bit behind on the listenings and yesterday, was listening to a talk on global warming. I went back home and since the girls take it negatively when i have an adult conversation with husband, watered it down and told about it to Anjali in the hope that husband will listen in.

Me: I was just listening about global warming. And it says that even if we dont do any more bad things to the earth, the world will get hotter for another fifty years!

Anjali: Mummy, if there is global warming, then the polar bears will die right?

(I wonder where she got that from. Upon questioning, she told me that it will be hot and the ice will melt and the polar bears will die. And that she figured it out by herself. )

Me: Yes. Eventually they will. So we must not contribute to global warming. What can we do?

Anjali: We must not buy toys. We must make our own toys.

Me: Thats a good step.

Anjali: We must not buy new cars. We must ride our bicycles

(Honestly, that girl is better at this stuff than I am)

Anjali: We can only buy our vegetables

Me: It is better to grow our own vegetables also, like bunica does, except that we have no space to do so. Which is why when you grow up and become a farmer, you can find ways how we can grow our own food in an apartment.

Afterall, Agricultural technology is a very hot topic. What with 6 billion mouths to feed.

Husband added a few more pointers - no tv and Anjali pulled in a few more

"We should borrow our books from the library, but home books are also good because when we grow up, we can give them to someone else"

Swati, if you are reading this, you are looking at a handmade present for Deepika's birthday.

And then we turned off all the lights, lit a candle and ate dinner, all the while talking about global warming and how to stop it.

Maybe the children can be ambassadors of global warming. Husband said "Its also important not to do all this stuff by yourself but to tell other people also to do them. Then when you meet someone, you can ask them what they are doing to stop global warming"

Perhaps that might be too forthright, but I do like the children as ambassadors idea. Anu had the idea of children as ambassadors of ekataa and it worked great with Anjali and Sophia in botanical gardens when they went around saying Happy new year to complete strangers.

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