Thursday, April 28, 2011

I dont want this story

"Mummy, can we read the Narnia story where the girl goes into the wardrobe and sees the faun?" Asked Anjali yesterday evening.

"The book is in the library, and we will take it out tomorrow. lets read something else and when you sleep, i will tell you the wardrobe story.  I know it almost by heart"

"I have this stoie Anjali this is not a libyayi stoie its old stie can we yead this old stoie Anjali?"

So we read the old story and then cuddled up to sleep.

"Mummy, can you tell me the wardrobe story now?"

"No. Want yaama Shita stoie"

"Sophia, Anjali asked for the wardrobe storyy first and then we will tell the Rama sita story"

"No. Want Rama sita story now!"

"Fine. Once upon a time, Rama and Sita had four children called Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy and because there was a war in Ayodhya, they had to go and live in a palace in the forest with Hanuman."

"ha ha ha", said Sophia. "vei funny. I like this stoie vey much"

And then I babbled some more and drifted off to sleep

"Mummy. tell me yaama Shita stoie without the boy and the girl!!"

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