Thursday, March 10, 2011

X marks the spot

I arrived home last evening, bone tired, after a particularly long day at work. There was soup for dinner, and some fresh parmesan and herb bread that i had popped in the bread machine in the morning before work. It went down well enough, together with a large quantity of apple pie.

Trouble is - the girls dont like soup no matter how good it is, unless it is some fancy thing out of the recipe books - like mushroom soup or broccoli soup. Yema generally doesnt make that sort of stuff. Its the kind of thing I dabble in.

So after plopping them both in front of the computer (watching very silly you tube cartoons), I tried to shove some soup down. Anjali ate several spoonfuls, and Sophia ate about four, before saying "Had enough!! Want thair sadam!"

So I had to mix up thair sadam and give it to the kids.

Sometimes, i am very glad that husband takes over the girls. While I was contemplating how early i could actually put them in bed and sink into the blissful oblivion of sleep, husband was hard at work pretending to be an elephant for the girls to ride. I do have a video of that which will be up shortly.

Then Anjali came up. "I want to play a treasure hunt!", she said. "Can you hide a treasure and draw a map?" "X marks the spot!" The girls have been reading Pirate Pete and have been particularly impressed by it.

So we hid treasures and read maps till bed time.     

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