Friday, March 18, 2011

we finally did the masking tape bracelet

Finally, we did the masking tape bracelet activity that parents across the internet are blogging about. The concept is simple. A strip of masking tape, turned sticky side out and taped to the wrist becomes a storehouse for sticking things that can be found on the street.

So on our way back from patti's house, I stuck some masking tape to Anjali, Sophia, my and husband's wrists. And till the intersection, the girls were busy analysing and collecting. It became a journey off observation. There are many things, even on the mundane path, that you dont see every day but look out for when you have the added goal of sticking them to your bracelet. Here are some of them.

1. there are two kinds of grass - green and brown. They feel different
2. There are many different colors of leaves - we even found a red leaf.
3. Sophia plucked an ixora bud to stick to her tape and called it "mud". Incidentally she says things like "I am tired mummy. I am go homing", but thats a story for another day
4. The hunt was on to find the smallest possible pebble that could be stuck on the tape.
5. "Can I stick a snail on my tape?" asked the girls. After I had absolutely prohibited them from doing that, they contended with taking the snails in their hands and palms

Sophia took out her bracelet almost immediately after we reached home, since she wanted to play with the guinea pigs. But Anjali kept her bracelet on till bed time. 

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