Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Some things quiet, somethings new

Somethings quiet:

I have been very quiet in the blogging and in general, in a lot of fronts. There are several reasons for this - not all of which are ready to be shared. Sometimes, it gets to be the combination of several small factors that mount up together. predominant among these is the realization that the children are growing up.

I know that they are growing up. I am not stupid. I can see the change in their height, the way they talk, the way they interact with each other and the outside world. But sometimes, some small thing comes forward and chokes you. When too many of these things come forward so close to one another, choking on them becomes rather of a norm, and you tend to get habituated on choking. Not pleasant at all.

Somethings new:
So here are the things that have been flowing, so quickly one after the other that makes me tear up.

1. Anjali lifting up her hair when I zipper her dress up at the back
2. Sophia having opinions: like telling me in the center "I dont want to meditate mummy. I dont want to talk to my star. I dont want my star to shine mummy..."
3. Finally caving in and getting an EZ link card for Anjali. She was rapturous about it. I felt very mixed. Ofcourse I have to. She's over a meter high and the sensor is starting to beep when i take her on the train. But there it is - another concrete evidence of losing a baby
4. Sophia inventing names: Like how she calls the center the "close eyes place"
5. Realizing that Anjali's child EZ link card expires on 2014, and that 2014 is not very far away and then she would be seven years old.

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