Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The girls played pirates yesterday. We offered to take them to the nature park, but Anjali wanted to do some activities at home. I came up with the idea of pirates, somewhat inspired from the enrichment programme offered at Anjali's school that she is not attending.

"let's be pirates", I said.

"Ok mummy", said Anjali. "You be one pirate, I be one pirate, Sophia bes one pirate, So we have three pirates. And daddy will be a big box of treasure - you can rest if you are a box of treasure you know", she adds to husband.

As a side note I have to comment on some of the grammar. On Sunday, Sophia was pretending to be Aladdin, put a chair on the bed, climbed it (the bed and the chair) and from there tried to climb the window. Each time she reached the first rung of the window grill however, she would jump back down and run to Anjali, who was, at that time, feeding the guinea pigs, and would say

"What Aladdin dooed?"

Anyway, back to the pirate story - I cut up some small squares of paper for the girls to color. Then we punched holes in them to make eye patches. Sophia refused to wear her eye patch as the string was poking her in the eye, but Anjali and I wore our eye patches.

A green duppatta was a boat that was dragged around the floor. On top of it was a fish tank (A toy bathtub) in which my fellow pirate will periodically put fish (balls) in. Ofcourse, there were those NDP fans with teh courtesy lion on them whcih made very passable swords when we were fighting the bad pirate (Sophia) who was following us by riding on a dolphin (her walker/rider toy)

At some point we came across the clashing rocks (the bedroom door) beyond which the big box of treasure lay. Then we had to collaborate with the bad pirate (Anjali's idea) and slash the rocks with our swords (still Anjali's idea) until the rocks broke and then got flushed down the bathyoom (Sophia's idea).

At the treasure island, we dug the treasure, which was buried under a load of sand (bedsheets) and took the treasure back to our home, where we sold the treasure.

Good clean fun!

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