Friday, March 4, 2011

On hearts and father time's tapestry

We have stopped charting up our red and blue hearts every night. I think the kids have gotten the message. Still they award each other hearts, and sometimes we do too, making it a sort of verbal thing and when i return in the evenings, i would ask

"Were you girls good today?"

And Anjali would say

"Mummy, I got ten hundred red hearts and one blue heart because I cried when patti turned off the tv. Sophia got one blue heart because she hit me on the head with the choppu saman"

And Sophia would say

"Mummy, you must give Anjali a blue heayt ok? Because Anjali cyed."

"I didnt cry", Anjali would counter

"you cyed Anjali. When patti was here you cyed. So you have one blue heayt okay?"

Things are getting a bit to the head when Anjali asks me - "If I put my cup in the sink, is it a red heart?" or "iif I clean the floor after painting and put the wiping cloth in the laundry, is it a red heart"

So I told the children yesterday a little story about father time. I think I read it somewhere when i was a kid.

At the birth of each person, father time creates a tapestry. When we do beautiful things, he adds beautiful images to the tapestry. When we do naughty things, he adds ugly images to the tapestry. When we die, he gives us our tapestry as a present. Do we want a beautiful or an ugly tapestry?

Later, when Anjali was returning her drawing materials after filling her birthday countdown chart, she asks me "If I close the marker and return it to the lightbulb lab, is it a red heart?"

"Do you mean if it is a beautiful tapestry?"


"Ok. You should be able to tell that for yourself. Is what you are doing good, beautiful and true?"

A thought. "yes"

"then it is a good image"


  1. i remember the Father Time story - it's from an Enid Blyton book :)


  2. Ah. right. so there is where it came from!!


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