Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Integral Enrichment program game: Peace

Anjali invented a game yesterday and the girls had a blast with it. I was thinking that we could make it into an enjoyable game for introducing the concepts of chaos and peace in a  way that even the young ones can get.

Props: Balls/ Balloons (Light weight balls work best), A long scarf, preferably chiffon. We used my old duppatta

The task is simple. Kids in small groups try to keep the ball in the duppatta and move it around from one person to another. It involves coordinating the duppatta and a good bit of concentration. Ofcourse, the younger kids will simply get a blast out of dropping the balls from the duppatta.

During reflection, we can bring in the ideas of harmony and working together.

Any more ideas for reinforcing the idea of peace to children?

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