Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cricket's in the air

So India won the world cup semi finals. And husband and I kept a very close eye on the scores website yesterday. the girls, who were busy outside playing with paper mache (Anjali's idea) got no more than cursory attention. To be fair, before husband came and set up the internet (The desktop is down and only husband's laptop can be connected), I worked with the girls to create two vases. But once the score was up I was flitting in and out of the house like the fastest bumble bee in the world.

Anjali joined me in some of my cheers and chants ("Wicket out!! Wicket out!!") but she didnt quite understand what was the big deal. So at night, when the score was something like 92 for Pakistan with only 2 wickets, I took them to bed, still going on with husband about the match and what the odds were.

So Anjali says "Mummy, are you going to talk about cricket all night, or are you going to tell me a bedtime story?"

Deja vu.

Remember when you are young and you declare categorically that you will not be like your dad? And then you grow up and discover that you are morphing into a replica?

When I was young, my dad used to watch cricket. I remember the long matches where my dad and periyappa would sit in front off the tv, with my granpa joining - and my mom and patti making comments on the short skirts the girls in the stands wear. And, since I couldnt understand head or toe of the game, I used to declare it boring and that i would never watch it.

I told Anjali this while I cuddled up with her in bed, and husband popping in every five minutes with a score update and ensuing analysis.

"So maybe you will also want to watch cricket when you grow up", I finished

"What?" she exclaimed, quite outraged. "I will grow up and be a farmer and be good at Maths"

"Yes, and you can also like cricket", I said

"No. I will not watch cricket when i grow up."

We'll see Anjali. We'll see

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  1. with her god mother's influence she might enjoy soccer too! :) I still don;t really understand cricket...on hindsight, i wish i had watched the ICC indian semi-finals and finals :(

    Shree (u should have realised it was me :)


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