Thursday, March 24, 2011

Babies come from eggs and Shiva and Kailash

Sometimes Anjali and I have these crazy conversations, which make me feel good about how she is growing up. Here are some of them.

We were discussing eggs one day and I remarked to her that she came from an egg.

"I didnt come from an egg!", she said

"Yes you did", I retorted. "Everyone comes from an egg"

"No. I came from mummy's thoppai"

"And before you came in mummy's thoppai, you were an egg"

She had just gotten up from her afternoon nap and the statement didnt sit with her. She began to cry "God put me in mummy's thoppai!!"

I let the conversation lapse. Evidently, i had upset her, but I brought it up again a while later in the library

"You did come from an egg, you know", I said, "You and Sophia, and Garuda and the Nagas"

"No". she said hotly "Only you came from an egg. We all came from mummy's thoppai"

But she must have thought about it, i think

Yesterday we were in the train to the SIFAS concert. "Commonwealth", says the announcer.

"Commonwealth?? What is commonwealth". asks Anjali

"Maybe it is a place where the wealth is common?", I ventured

"What?" she asked

"It may be, you know", I said and explained a bit about Commonwealth nations. "So maybe they shared a common money"

"What?", she said again "Are you joking?"

"No. I am not", I said. "Just as I wasnt joking when I said you came from an egg"

A pause. Then

"Mummy, did I really come from an egg?"

"Yes, my dear. You did"

On our way back, we had a very irreverant conversation about Shiva. Here's how it came about.

We had been watching a dance performance about Shiva. I pulled it into the conversation in the taxi.

"The girl who was dancing wanted to see Shiva. How do you think she can see Shiva?", I asked

Anjali: She must go to Mount Kailash. She must walk to mount Kailash

Husband: She must call a taxi to take her to Kailash

Anjali (laughing): Yes

Me: Will a taxi take her to Kailash?

Anjali: No. The Taxi will only take her half way up the mountain on the road. Then she must get down and walk and walk for FIVE meters up the mountain

Husband (muttering): This girl knows way too much

Me: Kailash is taller than five meters you know?

Anjali: Ten meters?

Me: I would say five thousand meters. You know every year people go on a pilgrimage to see Mount Kailash

Anjali: I want to go also. Can I go?

Me: When you are bigger, we will all go

Anjali: When I am five years old?

Me: hmmm

Anjali: Or when I am fifteen years old

Me: Maybe when you are about thirteen, and you are as big as Niharika. Then Sophia will be eleven and we can go

(Censored part of conversation here)

Me (Continued after censored portion): So people go to Kailash and then they take a bath in lake Manasvarovar. Then they go around the mountain

Anjali: To find a towel?

Me (laughing): No. They had better have a towel with them, otherwise they will freeze.

Sophia (digging her nose): When i go to Kailash, I will see Shiva

Me: you better stop digging your nose when you go to Kailash, or Shiva will ask you where the gleaming booty is. Who else will you see in Kailash?

Anjali: Maybe Parvati?

Me: Maybe. How about Ganesha?

Anjali: Maybe.

Me: She should be in Kailash, you know his parents live there

Anjali: Maybe he is all grown up and has gone to live somewhere else?

Me: Perhaps. What about Muruga. Do you think he will be in Kailash?

Anjali: Maybe.

Me: Or do you think he will be in palani? You know why he went to Palani right?

Anjali: Yes, because Ganesha took away his mango.

Me: So maybe Muruga will be in palani when we go to Kailash

Sophia: Want to shee Muyuga in Kailash!!! Waaaaa.

Me: Then before we go, we must write a letter to Muruga - Dear Muruga, We are coming to kailash to see you and your family. please come to Kailash from Palani. Ok?

Anjali: Ok. But you must sign - from Anjali, Sophia, Mummy and Daddy - except that you must not sign mummy and daddy, you must sign Krithika and Adi. Otherwise, they will think that it is from Shiva and Parvati. Ha ha

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  1. Anjali: But you must sign - from Anjali, Sophia, Mummy and Daddy - except that you must not sign mummy and daddy, you must sign Krithika and Adi. Otherwise, they will think that it is from Shiva and Parvati. Ha ha

    Shree: OMG!!! hahahaha!!! she really is growing up! :)


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