Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Anjali is growing very competitive these days. I am not really sure how to go about with it. On Saturday, i took the girls to the pool. After enjoying their pool adventure, they went to shower. I carried Sophia and dunked her, rather unceremoniously into the water spray. After making sure that she was reasonably rinsed, I towelled myself and towelled the howling girl (She hates having the shower on her hair)

Then Anjali said

"Mummy, who came first into the bathroom?"

"I dont know. Who?"

"I came first to the bathroom". her voice was a notch higher and a notch severe.

"Ok", I said cautiously, knowing where this was heading, but still not sure how to play it out.

"I came first to the bathroom mummy". Voice up another notch. "Then why are you giving Sophia a bath first?"

"Because you wanted to take your own bath?" I ventured.

"But why didnt you let me have a bath first?"

The thing about Anjali when she is in this mood is that she doesnt cry, but her voice goes all severe, rather like how I always imagine Professor McGonagal might sound.
She is also not getting enough playground time. That concerns me. Last year, we used to be at the playground nearly everyday. This year, the playground time has reduced to once, sometimes no times a week. Perhaps it is my fault. Last year I always used to be home by six. These days it is often past seven before I return home.

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