Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Universal studios

As Mother's birthday program was on Monday, it has seemed like an extended weekend.

On saturday, husband and I took the girls to universal studios. Here is a list of rides that we tried and the kids' and our takes on them

1. Mini dragon roller coaster @ far far away. I am the roller coaster person in the family. And I sat with Sophia, who, after a lot of talk while waiting on the queue about breathing fire and mooku shali on the dragon,  kicked a ruckus and wanted to get off before the ride began. I had to get out with her, leaving husband and Anjali to go on the ride. Anjali was "a little scared" when the ride dropped over a river, and she held on to the dragon. Conclusion: neither kid really wants to go on it again.

2. Shrek 4D movie. Husband and i thought that it was really cool. The girls, especially Sophia, was very scared of the effects. She would have been scared, had there been no effects whatsoever, with all the chasing etc. But with the chasing, and the dragon fire, she was quite crying. Anjali got very annoyed by the donkey yechal. When the show finished, she was quite pouty. Then she perked up when husband showed her where the water dispenser buttons were. Then in the taxi, she struck up an argument with Sophia about how it is not donkey yechal, but just water.

3. Donkey live show. Really lame with an animated donkey doing silly jigs and trying to talk singlish. And surprisingly, the kids liked it and danced with the silly donkey doing silly stuff.

4. Pterandon ride: Sophia clambered on husband's lap in the middle of the ride and they both ignored the dire warnings that no lap sitting is allowed for their own safety.

5. Some Sci FI based merry go round. not bad but it didnt make an impression either way

6. A Steven Spielberg movie special effects thing. One word for it, from me and husband - well done. Evidently, the children didnt think so. It was too realistic, and the fire effects where we could feel the heat from the fire, along with the boat crashing and the window opening caused Anjali to begin crying in my arms, and Sophia to begin crying even earlier in husband's arms. But the show was cool.

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