Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tattle tales and observations

Sophia: Mummy, Mummy, when patti was here Anjali ciyed mummy!!
Anjali (calling from the other room): I didnt do any such thing
Sophia: When patti was here you ciyed Anjali.


Anjali: Mummy, Sophia needs a blue heart
Me: Why?
Anjali: She hit me on the head
Sophia: Soie Anjali. I say soie mummy.
Me: good
Sophia: I having no blue heart?
Me: If you say sorry, then you wont get any blue heart


At night
Husband: And the prince saw a nest. What was in the nest?
Anjali: Birds!
Husband: Nope. There were eggs
Sophia: Why having no birds in the nesht? Why having only eggs?
Husband: Then the prince saw a snake. What they snake was going to do?
Anjali: It was going to eat the eggs
Husband: Should the prince let the snake eat the eggs?
Sophia: Noooo! Snake alwaysh eat eggsh. Shickens alwaysh eat eggsh
Husband: Chickens dont eat eggs. They lay eggs
Sophia: yesh! shickens  always lay eggsh. My patti alwaysh gives me eggs to eat daddy!
Anjali: No! She doesnt touch eggs. She only touches paruppu sadam. 

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