Thursday, February 17, 2011

I finally finished the spinny speller and other random things

Its been a while since I posted crafty stuff, and so here's what we have been up to in that avenue.

I have made two lapbooks - one about the runaway bunny and another about astronauts. Both have yet to be tried.

I finally took some time to complete the spinny speller. While the original tutorial used wooden square beads, we didnt have those at home, so I decided to go with cardboard dice stuffed with scraps of fabric. The result was usable, but I made a mistake in painting the speller primary colors. Would have been better off with pastels.
I am also making another book, this time using a different kind of illustration. I am not sure how it will turn out, but I am sure that the making of it will be fun.
There is a kite that has made its nest close to our house. I have seen it twice, circling above the trees when I bike back. It makes me think that it has a nest there, especially since I have seldom seen kites circle so low in Singapore.
Sometimes, I do a bit of literacy proper with Anjali, things like writing a letter on her skin and asking her to recognize what it is. She is pretty good at it.
Sophia has learnt that she is omnipresent in her body. If I asked her who my favorite baby is, she would say "me". And I would say "Where are you?" And she would point to her chest. "So you are not my favorite baby, your chest is my favorite baby.", I would say, kissing her on the chest. Then she would change and point to her nose.. Until suddenly she changed tactics. "I am circling", she exclaimed, quite giggly. "I am circling, here and here and here. "
"How come you read so fast mummy, ", asks Anjali, as I read her a book over breakfast.

"Because I practice", I said.

"Can you teach me how to read fast?", she asks.

I guess the journey thus begins.
I have been reading bounce. And got caught at the chapter where the father teaches his daughters chess. I am now very motivated to teach chess to the girls. There is a lot of drama in the chess game and a smart parent could take advantage of it. I wonder if I am smart enough.

Husband is working more days from home. sometimes up to to or three times a week, so he has officially taken the role of ensuring that Anjali practices her piano. The crux is not the practicing, its the internal motivation and the intrinsic desire of the child to compartmentalize some of her time at the keyboard. I think we are somewhat getting there - yesterday Anjali cried when we were discussing that she didn't practice and that there was no time last night - what with returning from the library at 10pm.

I found a website called It has a beautiful selection of picture books. We borrowed yesterday a number of books from the selection at daddy read and are very happy with the plethora of new authors that have been discovered and the new themes to explore. I was getting a bit tired of Dr Seuss and Julia Donaldson - nice as they are, their themes are getting on my nerves. A book called Pete and Pickles really appealed to my more mature self. And I guess, to the girls also.

The girls are taking time everyday to do some drawing and painting. Last time we had a playdate with Kiran, Anjali drew a seashell. It was first a seashell, and as she began to color it blue, it became a pond. Then we were talking about a picture of Krishna that she had drawn, probably for last Krishna Jayanthi, and Anjali decided to make her seashell/ pond a peacock feather for Krishna. So after drawing, she taped it to the top of Krishna's head.

Yesterday patti and the girls had been painting. Anjali painted what looked like a bold mass of blues, oranges and purples. "Its a butterfly!", she said.

"I thought it is a landscape", I countered. "The blue is the sea and the orange is the sky?"

"It could be anything you want it to be mummy", she said. "I want it to be a butterfly, so it is a butterfly. If you want it to be a landscape, it can be a landscape!"    

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