Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Heart chart

I saw a craft activity on crafty crow about a string of hearts. It seemed to be a good way to reinforce values. When the children do something good, give them a red heart

We changed it a bit, and made a chart, one for Anjali and one for Sophia, spanning two weeks. The idea was to give a red heart for each good deed/ control of temper/ cooperation/ giving in, and a blue heart for every naughty deed. We are careful not to misuse or overuse them. For instance, if the naugthtyness is part of exploration, we dont give a blue heart. But if the naughtyness causes purposeful hurt, or if it is repeated after several warnings, or if an unnecessary tantrum is thrown, then we award a blue heart.

The idea is to keep track every day of each kid's red and blue hearts and mark the numbers on the chart on the wall to keep track of how they are improving. And also for us. Sometimes, tantrums get overwhelming, and they seem to take over our lives. But keeping a chart makes us realize that the tantrums are only a small part of the day. YEsterday, Anjali had 3 red hearts and 2 blue hearts. Sophia had one red heart.

Ofcourse, I only measure the hearts in the time I am with the children and not the time when patti is when the children, so I guess the number of hearts will increase significantly during the weekends. 

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